Joe Frierson: Crossing the line

July 30, 2013 

Crossing the line

Without question, The N&O has done some valuable work in exposing myriad problems at UNC. However, you have devolved from reporting the facts to driving a narrative.

In your July 21 article on Jan Boxill and the Faculty Executive Committee, you state that Boxill “watered down the report.” The FEC report states as a “clear finding” that Deborah Crowder was involved in AFAM problems. If Boxill really wanted to hide Crowder from the NCAA, why did the report mention Crowder’s name over 10 times?

The report’s purpose was to report facts and findings. If Crowder would not speak and nobody interviewed the athletes, how can anyone suggest he knows why Crowder did what she did?

Recently, sports columnist Luke DeCock described the Martin Report as a “whitewash.” Baker-Tilly is a global accounting firm and universally recognized as a leader in academic audits. B-T audited nearly 20 years of student data looking for grade inflation, clustering and irregular results. The Martin Report cannot be a “whitewash” just because Baker-Tilly didn’t reach the conclusion DeCock wanted.

At least six investigations have concluded the fraud began and ended with two people in a small department at UNC. The facts make clear that it is not systemic and not widespread. Enough is enough.

Joe Frierson III

Athens, Ga.

The writer is a former student-athlete and assistant tennis coach for UNC-Chapel Hill.

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