Sherri Zann Rosenthal: Budget cuts AIDS fund

July 30, 2013 

AIDS-fund cuts

The Republican state budget cuts $8 million from the AIDS medicine fund. The HIV epidemic is still raging in many N.C. counties. These people are predominantly located in counties where salaried jobs are scarce, and healthcare providers are also scarce.

Cutting $8 million from the ADAP budget is a heavy blow to these people. Incredible desperation is likely to result with whole families affected, including kids, as people attempt to maintain access to the medication that keeps their infections from becoming fatal.

The $1,500 sales tax cap on yacht and private plane purchases results in a $10 million per year revenue loss for our state, $2 million more than the AIDS meds funding cut.

Medication to keep people from active AIDS or benefit the wealthy? Our legislature chose a gift for their political benefactors. Let the poor die. Am I my brothers’ and sisters’ keeper?

Creating desperate people is the unifying theme of this legislature.

Sherri Zann Rosenthal


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