Galia Goodman: Diaper dilemma

August 2, 2013 

Diaper dilemma

In response to letter-writers advocating a return to cloth diapers: While it might be possible for some, it is a luxury that many cannot afford. People are making a lot of assumptions here: one parent at home, decent washing and drying facilities, the time to do that kind of washing every day. Working mothers with kids in day care are required to provide disposable diapers.

Single women (and men) who live in housing that does not have washers or dryers must cart those diapers to the Laundromat, and many of those are not safe or affordable. And what about the time involved? Get a diaper service? Too much money.

We as a society have basically put people into this dilemma. We as a society can help out those who are stuck there. It is not their fault. In our neighborhood, we are already discussing how to give these folks a hand. So should we all, since it is only going to get worse for those on the bottom of the ladder here in N.C.

Galia Goodman


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