Louise Taylor: Tax depletes freedom

August 2, 2013 

Tax depletes freedom

Regarding executive editor John Drescher’s July 27 column “Free press linked to happiness”: The finding of a Missouri doctoral student that a free press makes citizens happier suggests that Republican lawmakers in N.C. have come up with a win-win ploy for their side in the new sales tax on newspapers.

From a recent photo (July 28) of the legislature’s sergeant at arms taking a stick to a journalist covering a protest, we can infer the lawmakers’ satisfaction in sticking it to the free press. And the pleasure of taxing citizens who want to read the news (and thereby discouraging them from buying a paper) only makes the tax bite sweeter to those who levied it.

With one tax, Republican lawmakers in N.C. have made the free press less free and informed citizens less happy.

Louise Taylor

Buies Creek

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