Ron Fazio: Abortion bill a ‘positive change’

August 3, 2013 

Helpful abortion bill

Thanks to Gov. Pat McCrory for bringing North Carolina into the 21st century.

By signing SB 353 into law, abortion clinics will now be required to maintain certain standards of any surgical clinic judged by the N.C. Medical Board.

It’s about time!

This law has the potential to save countless women from injury, illness, infection and even death.

It can only bring about a positive change and force clinics to be better providers. What woman would not want the best treatment in this difficult time?

So, why the big protest? Why are Planned Parenthood and the ACLU arguing that this law will severely limit access to women who would like to obtain an abortion? Could it be because these clinics have not met any standards of cleanliness and competence in the past?

In the Kermit Gosnell case, we learned that none of his clinics were checked for years. His clinics were described as “butcher shops,” re-using instruments, tables, gloves. There were “specimens” scattered all around in jars. There were no standards! And that sickens me.

Restaurants are evaluated and given ratings. Hospitals are evaluated and given ratings. Now abortion clinics will be evaluated and rated also.

Ron Fazio


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