Charles Murphy: A three-ring mess to clean up

August 3, 2013 

A three-ring mess

Well, the circus has finally left town after a seven-month engagement.

The clowns have taken off their rubber noses and floppy shoes. They were under new management this year, and even though they were pretty clumsy at times, they did provide us with a few good laughs. The aerialists kept us enthralled with their reason-defying stunts, and their flying dismount was scary, but they all landed safely in the net they had taken away from those bums on unemployment.

Of course, the circus left a mound of trash and manure behind, always does, but this was a banner year.

We got stringent voter ID requirements, even though voter fraud in N.C. is about as common as sandstorms; abortion providers will have to meet exacting standards, all in the name of women’s safety, even if it is more dangerous to get a penicillin shot than an abortion; and we’re not coddling teachers any more with assistants or differentiated pay for advanced degrees or tenure.

It’s good that the circus is gone. It was getting a little tiresome. It’s too bad we can’t clean up the mess they left with just shovels and fire hoses. Maybe we shouldn’t invite them back.

Charles Murphy


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