Scott A. Bain: Majority favors voter ID

August 4, 2013 

Majority favors voter ID

I can only shake my head in response to a vast majority of the recent opinion letters vigorously complaining about the N.C. legislature’s push to implement voter ID laws.

Recent polling (August 2012) by The Washington Post showed that 75 percent of Americans support voter ID laws, and 81 percent of the survey respondents indicated they thought voter fraud to be a problem. Where in the world might they get that idea? How about the recent case in Indiana during the 2008 Clinton-Obama primary where a person was sent to prison?

In all, there have been 15 cases of vote fraud being prosecuted so far in 2013 across the U.S., including one in North Carolina (felon voting in Scotland County).

But what about all the claims of discrimination with these new laws? The same poll showed that three-quarters of seniors and those with household incomes under $50,000, as well as two-thirds of nonwhites support voter ID laws. So much for that argument.

This is just common-sense legislation that a vast majority of Americans favors. Why is this so difficult to comprehend?

Scott A. Bain


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