Chris Lowell: Concealed carriers will go elsewhere

August 4, 2013 

Carriers will go elsewhere

Regarding the July 26 item “Booze and guns don’t mix at PR bar”: When I attended NCSU, Players Retreat was a laid-back local’s bar, enjoyable to visit after a long day (or week) of classes, labs and projects. The PR that Gus Gusler owns appears different, becoming a polarizing figure in the gun control debate. What’s next? His opinion on gay marriage or “Moral Mondays”? I guess any publicity is good publicity, right?

Concealed carry isn’t to protect a favorite watering hole from being robbed. That’s its problem to deal with. It’s to allow for protection of yourself and your family from significant harm.

Tell Gusler a metal detector isn’t required. Simply put a conspicuous sign outside and the concealed-carry folks can spend their money elsewhere. Heck, since most concealed-carry permit holders are the law-abiding type, they won’t be buying any alcohol anyway when carrying, so they weren’t helping his bottom line to start with.

Chris Lowell


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