Students celebrate French language

August 4, 2013 

French students from Raleigh Charter High School took home several awards from the Wake County French Festival, a celebration of French language and culture for middle and high school students.

Here’s a list of the awards and their winners:

Non-vocal talent: Alexandra Kharras, Clara Leonard and Martha Clendenin (first place)

Cultural exhibit (Haiti): Sara Holloway, Julia Shankin, Madison Shankin, Natalie Zazzeri, Amanda Zink, Margaret Malone, Brittany Siegart, Abrielle Leblanc, Wilson McMillan, Michelle Thomas (first place)

Poetry: Brandon Wells (third place, Level I); Christopher O’Brien (third place, Level II); Lucia Boehling (second place, Level III); Colleen Sharp (third place, Level III)

Spelling bee: Jonathan Williams (third place, Level II)

Theater performance: Belal Ali, Forrest Knight, Jakeb Phillips (second place, Level I); Anna McConnell and Catherine McSorley (first place, Level II)

Traditional song: Clay Fogleman, Bailey Griffin, Kelly Whalen, Beth Doman, Jennifer Adema, Alex DiLalla, Abigail Keller, Ashanti Woolard (second place, Level III)

Original group drama: Charlotte Sleeper, Michelle Allison, Melissa Gonyo (first place, Level I); Kyren Russell, Simrann Wadhwa, Julian Schuessler, Somayya Al-Shishani, Katheryn Craig, Catherine Jones and Ashley Markham (first place, Level II)

The French Festival was held at Moore Square Middle School.

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