Dave Hollar: ID a partisan agenda?

August 5, 2013 

Partisan points

I recently took my 90-year-old father to the Veterans Administration medical clinic in Winston-Salem. A photo of President Obama is prominently displayed at the entrance to the clinic.

We were asked to provide my father’s photo ID (driver’s license) three times – once when he registered, again before he saw a doctor and finally when he received some medical supplies from the pharmacy. It was all quite routine and unobjectionable. The VA also issues its own photo ID for those who use its facilities.

How is this so different from the procedural requirement that voters produce a photo ID to verify that they are who the say they are? Polls show that the overwhelming majority of the populace favors voter ID.

The new law contains provisions allowing those who do not already have an ID to obtain one without undue burden and at no cost. Is it possible that some are objecting to this common-sense reform in an effort to score some partisan political points and to sharpen the divisions among segments of the population?

Dale Hollar


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