Barbara S. Lewis: Silencer legality absurd

August 5, 2013 

Silencer absurdity

Just when I thought this state couldn’t slide backward any faster, I read that silencers are now legal (“Silencers now legal for hunting in N.C.,” Aug. 3 news story). It seems “hunters” don’t have enough sense to put noise-silencing gear over their ears before they shoot at anything or, oops, anyone.

Before allowing the purchase of silencers, please make applicants take a hearing test. Also, where can I purchase a bullet-proof vest? N.C. can’t keep guns out of criminals’ hands. Once a bullet leaves the barrel, the direction is set.

This apparently Republican-led law is absurd and the residents of this once fine state of North Carolina should speak up against this. Stop the insanity, please.

Barbara S. Lewis


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