Betty J. Vaughn: Stupidity reigns

August 5, 2013 

Stupidity reigns

The Democrats were stupid. They gerrymandered districts and then don’t like it when the other party does it, cultivated the good ol’ boy network, rewarded friends and were loose with public funds. Former Gov. Mike Easley exemplified it, and Bev Perdue got tarred by the same brush.

The Republicans are stupid. After 100 years on the outside, they finally edged their way in due to the arrogance of the above cited. That was no mandate to rip the entire fabric of government apart, not that it couldn’t stand a little tearing out and starting over here and there. As it is, their actions are so precipitous and ill-advised that they are busy guaranteeing that 2014 will see a lot of them slinking back to where they came from. No longer in control, they can sit around and wonder what happened.

Most people are centrist and too busy surviving the challenges of living to get involved in politics. They let things rock along until disaster stares them in the face. We need statesmen who put the common good over party, ego and politics. Enough already.

Betty J. Vaughn


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