Jim Thompson: Parrish qualified for UNC board

August 6, 2013 

Qualified for board

To say I was upset with the innuendo in the July 30 editorial “For sale” about the selection of Doyle Parrish to the UNC Board of Governors is an understatement. To imply that “Doyle paid, Doyle plays” is a slap in the face of all successful businessmen who contribute to the causes they believe in and also implies that the only reason they do so is to receive political favors.

Parrish is extremely qualified to serve on the board of the University of North Carolina. He has and continues to manage successful hotels and restaurants from Charlotte to Wilmington. These businesses provide jobs and perform many volunteer services in their communities.

I think we owe businessmen like Parrish our support and thanks for their willingness to serve North Carolina. I do not believe his personal political affiliation will influence his decision-making. He will use his business experience to do what is best for the university and for North Carolina.

Jim Thompson


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