Mike Timmons: Voter ID goals

August 6, 2013 

Voter ID goals

Regarding Marc Landry’s July 31 column “New voting safeguards don’t go far enough”: Landry and GOP legislators say protecting voter integrity is imperative, but neither offers credible evidence that fraud is a problem. A five-year Bush administration study failed to find significant voter fraud: 86 people charged with all election crimes in five years nationwide or 0.00007 percent of the 122 million votes cast in the 2004 election.

Landry says those who might be affected by the new law are not the ones protesting. The protests, he claims, come from “liberal media and professional manipulators.” He apparently has not read the many letters to the editor and fails to note that those affected are often the least in our society with the resources, opportunity, will or capacity to protest.

Landry concludes with a specious comparison of voter fraud with a specific income tax fraud. He implies that the magnitudes of the frauds, proven millions in one case and proven handfuls in the other, may be comparable “to rest his case.”

What I take away from Landry’s column is this: To prevent a small number of voter ID frauds, he will risk a much larger number of disenfranchisements. Ah, but that is the goal, isn’t it?

Mike Timmons


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