'Friendship' is a natural name for Apex school

August 7, 2013 

All the questioning seemed misplaced, and years from now, Apex Friendship High School is going to be a landmark and neighbors and alumni are going to wonder why anyone wanted to call it something else.

In a welcome and bold move, the Wake County school board has voted to rename a new high school after a community, Friendship, that was formed near Apex in the 1800s and known as a peaceful gathering place for groups of different races. Absent the name, the recognition of that place might slip out of local lore.

Credit the board on a couple of counts. First, its members welcomed all views. Second, the board voted (regrettably along party lines, with Democrats in favor and Republicans opposed) to give the school a more colorful name when it could have opted out by simply calling it West Apex High School.

When one looks around the county, the names of many leaders are affixed to schools, which is true in other counties as well. That gives those schools an identity all their own.

Arguments against the name included that it didn’t befit a high school, the implication being that kids that age would not like representing school named Friendship. Really? It actually sounds pretty catchy. And let us remember that the Quakers, with a prominent presence in the Triad area, have done pretty well with the word “friends” in institutional names, and a philosophy.

In fact, we hope they start printing up the sweatshirts soon. We might pass some out down at the General Assembly.

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