Paula Deen peachier than a certain preacher for most GA Republicans

August 9, 2013 

Paula Deen

celebrity chef Paula Deen


Public Policy Polling is out with more pretty-much-meaningless 2016 speculation for the media to munch on (only 29 months until the Iowa Caucuses!), so let’s dig in. The meatier results: Georgians still oppose gay marriage, but as always there’s an age gradient. Hillary leads Sarah Palin, Rand Paul and Paul Ryan, who is deadlocked with Jeb Bush and slightly trails Chris Christie in favorability. But all that is upstaged by questions asking Georgians how they feel about historical southern icons – you know, William Tecumseh Sherman, Martin Luther King, Jr. . . . Honey Boo Boo.

From PPP: We asked Georgians their opinions about a number of current and historical figures in the state. Martin Luther King Jr. has a 73/15 favorability rating – it’s 83/6 with Democrats but just 59/28 with Republicans. Paula Deen remains quite popular in her home state at a 54/21 spread – she’s very popular with Republicans at 73/11 but seen positively by a plurality of Democrats at 40/33 as well.

Or, as this Tweet puts it:

Favorability ratings with Georgia Republicans: Paula Deen 73/11, Martin Luther King Jr. 59/28.

The Washington Post

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