Tom Roberts: Aqua rate hike due to repairs, updates

August 13, 2013 

Rate hike due to updates

Aqua recently filed a rate request with the North Carolina Utilities Commission to recover some of the costs that we’ve incurred to provide water and wastewater services to more than 250,000 people in 52 counties (“Water utility seeks rate hike,” Aug. 6). Our request will allow many of our customers to pay less than a penny a gallon for water delivered directly to their taps.

Many of our customers would have no other viable option for water and wastewater services without us. We also employ 165 people in North Carolina, and our parent company employs another 30 here.

Rate increases provide a way for utilities like Aqua to recover capital and operating dollars we have spent to maintain and improve the systems that serve families throughout North Carolina.

Last year, we spent more than $11 million to repair and improve water and wastewater systems statewide. This year, we’ll spend another $12 million to maintain and update our systems and remain compliant with stringent environmental and health regulations.

We’re committed to ensuring our customers have quality water and sewer service they can depend on for generations to come.

Tom Roberts, President and chief operating officer, Aqua North Carolina Inc.

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