Backstreet Boys on tour for new album

NewsdayAugust 15, 2013 

Backstreet Boys on GMA

Members of the Backstreet Boys, from left to right, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter, A. J. McLean, Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell will perform at the Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion Tuesday.


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    Who: The Backstreet Boys

    When: 7 p.m. Tuesday

    Where: Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion, 3801 Rock Quarry Road, Raleigh

    Cost: $29-$143.50


— For the Backstreet Boys, the success of their new album “In a World Like This” is sweeter because it belongs entirely to them.

Though the album, which debuted at No. 5 last week, is their ninth straight Top 10 album, it’s the first on their own independent label, which they are supporting with a national amphitheater tour.

“We outlived our record company,” said Nick Carter, calling from a tour stop in Cincinnati. “Now, it’s all up to us.”

Q. You guys have definitely taken more control of the music on the new album, writing more than ever before.

A. We have control over the direction of the music that we’re creating. We decide what we want to put on the album. After 20 years, you get to apply all that experience that you’ve learned from these record labels. And no one knows how to better run their career after 20 years, more than the artists. No one knows what their fans want more.

Q. “Love Somebody” is very much your song.

A. There’s a mixture of a lot of great songs on the album. There’s more youthful stuff, there’s mature stuff. There’s all sorts of things. I’m kind of the happy feel-good writer of the group. I’m kind of cheesy in some ways. I love movie music. I’m like the “Karate Kid” theme-song guy. I love songs with that sort of feeling and that have a beat because I’m a drummer. I think this song is current. It could be played next to anything on Top 40 radio.

Q. Why won’t pop radio play it next to One Direction or Justin Bieber?

A. I can’t fault them. I get it. Youth sells. Sex sells. You’ve got Justin Bieber. You’ve got all these young guys. And you’ve got a generation of kids wanting to buy this stuff up. It’s great. But what frustrates me is that other artists that they play like One Republic’s Ryan Tedder or are around our age. New groups like Imagine Dragons are around our age … Thank God we do have a great fan base. I look out and see 15,000 people a night, and we appreciate them beyond belief. But isn’t that a market? Couldn’t that grow as well? The legacy of the Backstreet Boys is our curse, and it’s a blessing at the same time.

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