Joe Kremer: Much mudcat fun

August 16, 2013 

Much Mudcat fun

Regarding the Aug. 15 letter “Mudcat miscue”: The writer referred to me personally, saying, “He even wanted people to tweet pictures of the hotdogs they purchased (although he called them wieners).” The news article the letter was based on clearly stated that a promotion done by the Richmond team encouraged fans to take pictures of their wieners and tweet them. The article was clear on which team was doing the promotion. It wasn’t the Mudcats.

The most disturbing suggestion in the letter was that young people might follow suit and tweet porn. During the game, a Mudcat employee monitored our social media outlets to make sure nothing inappropriate was posted. The Mudcats simply used the name “Carlos Danger” to promote a “Mustache Night” and hoped to garner some attention to get more participation.

We were very successful in getting fans to turn out wearing real and fake mustaches. About 250 men, women and children sporting mustaches participated in the evening, and all the fans got a good chuckle at what they looked like. A fun time was had by all at the Mudcats’ game.

Joe Kremer

General manager, Carolina Mudcats, Wake Forest

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