McCrory's pay pals benefit as other belts tighten

August 16, 2013 

Instead of the belt-tightener he promised to be in state government, Gov. Pat McCrory appears to be rather like a fellow who eats a few too many meals at Grandma’s over the holidays and has to poke a couple of extra notches into his belt.

At least, that’s the conclusion one would have to reach after seeing that several of the McCrory administration’s staffers, in their 20s and relatively inexperienced in their jobs, are making handsome wages indeed.

Maybe we misunderstood the governor. It seems like he talked about all the waste and inefficiency in state government under the Democrats and how he intended to see to it that the people were going to save money in a McCrory administration.

Remember what he said about how too many state workers are “seat warmers”?

Well, McCrory staffers aren’t doing that, no, sir. At their rates, they can buy commercial seat warmers to get the job done.

Matthew McKillip, 24, who worked for McCrory’s 2012 campaign, got a $22,500 raise upon being named chief policy adviser to Aldona Wos, secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. His salary is now $87,500. Ricky Diaz, also 24, will be making $85,000 (after a $23,000 raise) as the department’s communications director. Diaz worked in the campaign after spending time in the office of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

And other young folks are doing well: Crystal Feldman, 27, is paid $78,000 a year directing public affairs for the N.C. Department of Public Safety, and 28-year-old Ryan Minto is the $72,000 legislative liaison for the Department of Revenue.

Perhaps we misunderstood about the belt-tightening. Maybe that only applied to public school teachers.

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