Edgar Taylor: Ban performance enhancing drug users for life

August 16, 2013 

Ban drug users for life

By merely suspending the players involved in the performance enhancing drugs scandal, baseball has missed a chance to help clean its image. These players knew they were taking illegal substances and should be punished to the fullest extent, a lifetime ban. Until baseball musters up the courage to dole out a ban like this for drugs, the problem will persist.

If some of the more prominent players using PEDs make it to the Hall of Fame, baseball will owe a major apology to Pete Rose. He might have done wrong, but his exploits on the field were from his own hard work and ability, not from some drug.

In my own opinion, Hank Aaron should still be the all-time home run leader, and Roger Maris should still own the single-season record. Both of these records were eclipsed by players who were using illegal substances.

Edgar Taylor, Knightdale

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