Stacey Ray: Dollar’s ‘truth’

August 17, 2013 

Dollar’s ‘truth’

In his Aug. 13 letter, Rep. Nelson Dollar stated, “the Republicans have lessened the burdens on all North Carolina taxpayers while keeping our levels of public service high.” Was this accomplished when 170,000 North Carolinians were kicked off of unemployment? Or was it when the Republican-led legislature refused to expand Medicaid with 100 percent federal funding and as such denied working-poor North Carolinians the opportunity to be insured?

Perhaps it was when they provided vouchers to private schools, which are mainly religious institutions, with our tax dollars. I bet it was when they had hundreds of North Carolinians arrested for civil disobedience. Wait, maybe it was when Gov. Pat McCrory gave immediate raises to his new Cabinet but refused to pay our teachers appropriately.

I could go on, but the list is too long. North Carolinians need to know that Republican actions are going to significantly increase our tax burden because money will be needed to pay for charity care at hospitals, increased requests for food stamps and a likely increase in illegal activities due to the desperation and hopelessness we now find in our communities. It would really be nice if just once politicians stopped twisting the truth.

Stacey Ray


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