Use roads for driving, not texting

August 18, 2013 

The News & Observer’s Road Worrier, Bruce Siceloff, worries about a lot of hazards, but perhaps none more than texting while driving. It is a maddening problem. Even those who do it regularly know it is dangerous. But the instinct to respond immediately seems to overtake common sense, whether one is at a stoplight (the person in front is hesitating ... bet on a text) or going 70 miles an hour.

North Carolina bans the practice, rightly. Now, Siceloff writes, a new film that’s part of AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign against texting and driving may help. The 35-minute film by German documentary producer Werner Herzog looks at four crashes where people were killed or seriously injured by texting drivers.

Some of the drivers were heartbreakingly forgiven by victims’ families; others were not. But the drivers who caused the crashes send a message loud and clear: if only they could go back and leave their phones alone.

The hope on the part of AT&T is to instill some common sense in people by shocking them, by touching them, by clearly and dramatically demonstrating the tragedy that may well await those who text while driving and those who may become their victims.

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