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cmiller@newsobserver.comAugust 19, 2013 

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    The look of betrayal on my son’s face as he put a heaping bite of it into his mouth was hilariously heartbreaking. So I tried it. He was right. This wildly popular dip is made by blending canned white beans and chocolate chips, among other unlikely ingredients. The idea is to create a healthy dip that supposedly tastes like cookie dough.

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— This summer I had the misfortune to encounter the internet culinary sensation known as cookie dough dip.

It was at a potluck party and folks were raving about this creation, which until then I’d been ignorant of. Being fans of all things cookie dough – not to mention feeling a fair degree of affection for all manner of dips – my son and I were eager to try this seemingly miraculous blend of two of nature’s most wonderful food products.

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It doesn’t. It’s not cute. It’s not tasty. It’s not coy. And it’s certainly not good.

Much as I love hummus, I do not love hummus that pretends to be cookie dough. Nor do I want my cookie dough spiked with pureed beans. Call me crazy.

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