Marjorie Budd: Development or fracking?

August 19, 2013 

Chatham choices

Regarding the Aug. 15 article “Developer makes case to Pittsboro”: It is exciting to read about the planned development of Chatham Park east of Pittsboro near Jordan Lake with its wooded trails, village centers and “clean tech” companies envisioned for 60,000 residents. Such a community with millions of square feet of office and lab space would certainly draw many good jobs to N.C., just as the Research Triangle Institute has done and continues to do over the years.

Unfortunately, Chatham Park lies next to shale oil deposits at the very site where our legislature is hell-bent to conduct fracking.

Proponents of fracking say the drilling and blasting operations will bring jobs to N.C. According to a 2012 DENR Report, we can expect an estimated 387 jobs per year over a seven-year period with many of those jobs being filled by experienced, out-of-state workers.

Those fracking jobs do not begin to compare with the thousands of permanent, high-paying jobs we would have with the development of Chatham Park. Or to put it another way: Those fracking jobs do not begin to compensate for the thousands of permanent, high-paying jobs we will lose if fracking is conducted in Chatham County.

Marjorie Budd


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