Karen Mastroianni: Mental well-being important too

August 19, 2013 

Mental well-being

Please tell me The N&O ran the picture of those beautiful, running boys on the Aug. 8 front page because of the joy, exhilaration, confidence, camaraderie and excitement on their faces? Please tell me in the name of all that is good and well that these are the reasons.

As Julia Wacker said in the article “N.C. tries to keep weight off,” the marker of success is in self-image and a desire to play. Isn’t that health and well-being?

Wouldn’t well-being mean having an attitude of wholehearted play while exuding joy, exhilaration, happiness, confidence, camaraderie and excitement in our efforts? And won’t joyful effort lead to not just a sense of wellness, but also physical, emotional and psychological changes toward health? Not ignoring biometric measures, but not focusing solely on numbers as meaning being well?

There are plenty of thin individuals who admit to not exercising or eating well, yet they appear to others as being healthy. Is it time to change our focus?

Karen Mastroianni


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