Julie Phipps: Cronyism at its best

August 19, 2013 

Clear cronyism

Your Aug. 16 article “Young McCrory staffers highly compensated” brought the news that Matthew McKillip, 24, was named the chief policy adviser to the secretary of Health and Human Services, making three times the salary of public school teachers.

My daughter, also 24, graduated with a degree in elementary education and is a public school teacher in Wake County. Like many, many public school teachers, she also works a second job so that she can pay for things like classroom supplies and graduate school so that she can become a better teacher. Her raise this year was $0.00 while McKillips’ was $22,500.

This is discouraging, but what boggles the mind is the news that Gov. Pat McCrory considers McKillip “very well qualified” for his new position (“McCrory defends 2 state workers’ pay,” Aug. 17 news story). Really? He has a degree in English, less than a year of experience working on the McCrory campaign, less than a year of experience at a think tank and a few months of experience working in state government.

This walking, quacking duck sure looks like cronyism.

Julie Phipps


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