Sandra Webbere: No salary freeze

August 21, 2013 

No salary freeze

How can Gov. Pat McCrory defend the decision to give $87,500 and $85,000 to two young men who are 24, when I am making $35,000 a year as one of his state’s curators and grant officers?

McCrory professed, “but frankly, these two young people are very well qualified, and they are being paid for jobs at which that’s the pay rate for that job.” Is he trying to say the state’s employees are paid what they are worth?

For the last 20 years I have been a state employee. As a curator and grant officer at the N.C. Museum of History, I hold three degrees, and I am an educator who brings history to life. Among my many work accomplishments, I have been responsible for 14 exhibits, public programs, symposiums, courses, articles and AV productions.

I understand the need for tight budgets; I live with one every day. What I don’t respect is the flagrant disregard for McCrory’s own salary freezes imposed March 8!

Sandra Webbere


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