Nancy Swisher: Pack bags not heat

August 22, 2013 

Pack bags not heat

Regarding the Aug. 4 news article “Gun seizures on the rise at airports”: Being unaware, at any given moment, of a firearm’s location is the height of irresponsibility. It seems that forgetfulness is common among gun owners. But perhaps we should not be too hard on these memory-deprived poor dears, excusing them as does Wake DA Colon Willoughby, who said that “this was something inadvertent ... people were not realizing they had a firearm in their bag.”

Willoughby does concede that “we’ve become such an armed society that people actually aren’t thinking about the fact that they’re carrying weapons with them.” Well, they need to start thinking.

Conscientious gun owners need to make sure that when they’re packing their bags, they’re not also packing heat.

Nancy Swisher, Raleigh

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