Wake Republicans wrongly fail to get on board Raleigh transportation bonds

August 22, 2013 

Well, at least they weren’t as divided this time. The leaders of the Wake County Republican Party, which voted Wednesday to oppose the school bond issue going before voters in October, overwhelmingly voted to stay consistent in their naysaying. They chose to oppose Raleigh’s $75 million transportation bond issue on the same ballot.

The money would not add much to the city’s debt – which is already low compared with many cities – and would go for widening streets, such as Buck Jones and Sandy Forks, that really need it. In the interest of keeping the property tax increase needed to pay for the bonds close to 1 cent, projects to widen Western Boulevard and get going on a rapid transit bus line were postponed.

But some of the money would go to improve the lives of pedestrians and bike riders, and county Republicans fell into what at this point is almost a laughable stereotype of opposing trees and bicycles and anything that might help walkers. They were against a proposed extension of more pedestrian-friendly changes along Hillsborough Street such as roundabouts and sidewalks.

They must figure professors and students at nearby N.C. State University are a bunch of tree-hugging liberals who might start riding their bikes or walking instead of following the proud Republican tradition of getting into their gas-guzzlers to go get a cup of coffee.

Good grief. Next thing you know, county Republicans will ban all those walking dogs not specifically certified in the custom of biting Democrats.

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