Bryan Andersen: Transit tardiness

August 23, 2013 

Transit tardiness

Better late than never is what Wake County Commissioner Paul Coble wishes the public to believe, as he released his two-page statement – or treatise – on transit at the Aug. 19 county commissioners meeting (“Wake leaders to talk transit?” Aug. 20 news story). Coble wishes for Wake County to finally address mass transit – almost a full two years after the Wake County staff presented to him a plan on the very issue.

The Wake County transit plan, prepared in consultation with nationally recognized planning and transportation experts in addition to all of Wake County municipalities, was years, and millions of dollars, in the making. It is a good plan. It’s not the perfect plan – for no plan is. But it is good.

Unfortunately, Coble wishes to throw out the expert opinions (and with them, the millions already spent) and spend presumably hundreds of thousands more to develop yet another plan. It’s a good thing the commissioner wasn’t on Eisenhower’s staff

Coble shouldn’t be allowed to spend any further of our taxpayer funds on new studies. Rather, let’s have some discussion (and maybe even a democratic vote) on what has already been created – by transit experts, and not politicians.

Bryan Andersen, Raleigh

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