Allen J. Barwick: Diaz, McKillop overpaid

August 24, 2013 

Diaz, McKillop overpaid

The recent Diaz-McKillip “promotions” by Gov. Pat McCrory represent partisan politics at its worst.

To illustrate this point, one only has to take a quick glimpse at the salary information for the 700 full-time state employees who are 24.

These data clearly reveal that the Diaz and McKillip salaries are out of kilter. To be specific, their salaries are 290 percent above the average of $30,163 for 24 year olds, and it will take a real stretch to prove that they are within competitive job market limits as most entry level state jobs are.

Sadly, I expect this action is a harbinger of things to come during the next three years of McCrory’s gubernatorial legacy.

With his executive privilege to dictate who is exempt from the rules of the State Personnel Act, we might anticipate a lot of protected employees to be shifted into exempt positions.

Allen J. Barwick


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