Joe Dew: He’s not telling

August 24, 2013 

He’s not telling

What irony and political stupidity reigns in the Capitol. Gov. Pat McCrory hires a 24-year-old kid to be the public spokesman for a state agency, he pays him $85,000 a year to do it, and then, when a story comes along about that very agency, this spokeskid refuses to talk to The News & Observer's reporters. (“McCrory aides got scale pay at DHHS” Aug. 20).

How tiresome it has become for those of us who pay taxes to see people in positions of public authority and trust refuse to talk to reporters. They hold public jobs. They get paid with public money. And they are asked to be stewards of the public trust. Then, something challenging comes up, and they respond by going into hiding.

Joe Dew


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