Charles Watt: No responsibility

August 24, 2013 

No responsibility

How come the people in charge are never responsible? Who’s overseeing DHHS?

The mess started with Dianna Lightfoot and her anti-early education stance and was followed by resignations of highly qualified employees, by a rigged bid award and now by a 24-year-old chief policy officer with zero health care experience earning $87,500 per year.

Gov. Pat McCrory said he had no input on Lightfoot’s selection and wasn’t involved in the bid process, and he wants us to believe that he has put together the best team he can. But what it looks like is a group whose only interest in Health and Human Services is using it as a platform for right-wing ideology.

The governor often speaks about people taking responsibility for their actions – how about accepting some himself? This is his administration, headed by his appointees who manage in his name. If they cannot properly manage DHHS for the benefit of the people North Carolina, it is his responsibility to replace them with people who can.

Charles Watt


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