John Denny: Turning off big spenders

August 25, 2013 

Turning off big spenders

My high school junior and I visited UNC recently, and he would very much like to attend UNC. He is a top scholar. Out-of-state tuition, room and board would cost me about $165,000. My wife and I also discussed buying a vacation home in N.C. so we could visit our son while in college. That would put us around a half-million total expenditure. Then throw in thousands more in travel dollars we would spend annually in your state.

However, I do not wish to send $160,000 to $500,000 of my money in a state whose legislature is taking voting rights away from so many people. Republicans are making the state an undesirable place to work, attend school, invest or spend money.

I hope residents realize the true cost of what the legislature is doing. By attacking voting rights, the state is losing millions of dollars that people like me refuse to send to your state.

I will not be a part of supporting N.C.’s legislature taking rights away from its citizens just so the ruling party can stay in power. Voting is the basis of democracy. If they attack voters, they attack democracy. Not with my money.

John Denny

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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