Elizabeth S. Ryan: Permissiveness rampant

August 25, 2013 

Permissiveness rampant

The sheer idiocy of certain aspects of our contemporary “culture” was highlighted by two Aug. 19 editorials: “Driving only” and “UNC’s good call.”

Texting and talking on the phone while driving are in the category of driving while drunk as public hazards.

Multi-sex sharing of college and university student housing defies all possibilities that student housing will provide a safe and sane atmosphere for students making the transition from home to the wider world. At a time in their lives when sex hormones are at their peak, there needs to be safe havens for abstinent young men and women and deterrents from social pressures to engage in behavior that has many hazards – this applies to both sex and alcohol consumption.

Permissiveness of every sort now rules our society, and our institutions (educational and social) no longer provide any standards to “put the brakes on.”

Elizabeth S. Ryan

Chapel Hill

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