Transit talk at last in Wake County?

August 25, 2013 

OK, two questions come to mind. First, who are you? And what have you done with Wake County Commissioner Paul Coble? Coble is surely up to something.

If we didn’t see Coble, former Raleigh mayor and archconservative-in-residence wherever he’s in residence, driving some very nice cars around town, we’d assume he had only a horse and buggy, because those good old days seem to be something for which he longs.

But all of a sudden, Coble says he and fellow commissioners need to discuss the county transit plan, which includes some things Coble has long opposed, namely commuter rail from Garner to Durham and light rail from downtown Cary through downtown Raleigh and North.

It’s unlikely, unless his family gave him some toy trains for Christmas, that Coble has changed his mind, so it may be that he thinks there are problems with the plan as it stands. Maybe outside experts would back him up, so that he could dismantle the transit visions of progressives and keep the region in its automobiles and in traffic.

Whatever Coble’s motives, sure, let’s have the discussion. Maybe we can give Coble a ride.

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