School's back, but how are the buses rolling?

August 25, 2013 

OK, Wake County school board, we’re going to hold you to it. If the bus system fiasco of last year (lots of late buses, some that never came) is repeated on this opening day of traditional-calendar school, expect to face the wrath of thousands of parents. Things will get, as they say, ugly.

Former Superintendent Tony Tata, now running the state Department of Transportation, wasn’t helped in his relations with the school board by the problems last year, though there were other concerns that resulted in his dismissal. Officials now vow they’ve created new routes, have enough buses and will be most efficient in doing their bus duty.

Let’s hope so, because there are lots of things to worry about today that parents and kids need to attend to without the bus distraction. Will the clothes be together? Will the seat mates in class be agreeable? Will stomachs of the little ones be calm? Will there be matching socks?

If you’re laughing, you’re not a parent. And you probably don’t work in school transportation, either.

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