Petra Choi: No responsibility for concealed carry

August 26, 2013 

No responsibility

According to the Aug. 24 news article “No charges filed after gun discharges in store”, Danielle Hayes of Franklinton had a legally concealed firearm in her purse that was not secured. Her 2-year-old got in her purse in a Staples store, and the firearm discharged, injuring Hayes.

Thankfully, no one was injured seriously, no innocent bystander was hurt and no child was injured due to this spectacular lack of responsibility.

Rep. John Faircloth said, “Responsible people are generally the ones who have concealed carry permits.” Hmm, really ?

For all the people touting how responsible gun owners with concealed carry permits are, here is just another example of just how “responsible” they are – let’s not forget all the confiscated firearms at RDU.

On Oct. 1, permitted concealed firearms will be allowed into bars, restaurants, greenways, playgrounds and other public recreational areas.

Something to think (worry) about now the next time a child goes digging in a parent’s purse or backpack!

Petra Choi


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