Helen Cleereman: Stick with transit plan

August 26, 2013 

Stick with plan

In response to the Aug. 20 article “Wake leaders to talk transit?” about Wake County Commissioner Paul Coble’s proposal to create yet another panel to review transit options and needs for Wake County, I ask why?

There is already a well-vetted, regional public transit plan that has been reviewed by every town in Wake County, bus and rail consultants, Triangle Transit and even Wake County staff (who helped write it). This plan took several years to create and was based on a vision of a Special Transit Advisory Commission that was composed of business and civic leaders, local municipalities and others. So why do we need another study, another review? That sounds like more time wasted and a lot more taxpayer dollars spent to me.

Yes, let’s discuss transit needs for our community. But why not start with the Wake County Transit Plan that has been sitting on the county commissioners’ desks for almost two years? Durham and Orange counties have already approved their part of the plan and are moving forward with expanding bus service and plans for rail. Let’s not delay any more.

Helen Cleereman


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