Joyce Baird: Playing with fire

August 27, 2013 

Playing with fire

Marc Landry is dancing on thin ice with his Aug. 21 column. He should try a $150,000-plus deductible plan, which is what I was billed for treatment after being hit by a car while standing in my yard. I was in the hospital for three weeks, required four surgeries, endured a stay in a rehab unit and spent nearly a year in recovery.

I now have a permanent disability and can no longer work at my nursing profession. Would he simply pull out his credit card and “pay his way” under similar circumstances? I think not, and neither did I.

Like Landry, I am 60, healthy and take one prescription medication. I am rarely ill and go to the doctor once a year to make sure I am not overlooking some obvious health risk. I do the responsible thing. I pay for health insurance at the rate of $700 per month.

But to say he is not a “free rider” is ludicrous. He has one foot on a banana peel.

Joyce Baird

Chapel Hill

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