Janis Ramquist: Government health care programs work best

August 27, 2013 

Medicare for all

It was a real surprise to read the perfect argument for government-funded health care in Marc Landry’s Aug. 21 column “Confessions of a health care ‘free rider’.”

Being self-employed like Landry most of my life, I had to rely on private individual health insurance. For decades I paid tens of thousands of dollars for various policies while the insurance companies paid sometimes but mostly denied payment. Then when I needed a hip replacement, I was denied coverage since it was a “pre-existing condition.” Yes, I’ve always had a hip.

I am so grateful to finally be covered by government health care – Medicare! Finally my premiums actually result in payment of my health care not just to profit insurance companies.

Everyone should have to ability to pay premiums for a government program that is structured to provide health care costs rather than profits to insurance companies and their executives.

Janis Ramquist


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