Zach Padget: Landry missed point

August 28, 2013 

A missed point

Regarding Marc Landry’s Aug. 21 column “Confessions of a health care ‘free rider’ ”: Did Landry mean to make an argument for or against Obamacare?

One of the main tenets of the legislation was to lower health care costs by ensuring that all citizens were paying for their health care. Although Landry is still paying for his health care with his credit card and is not using the emergency room for his medical needs, he seems to miss the point that these relatively minor costs are rather irrelevant in the broad picture. The legislation was passed to deal with those costs that he quickly discusses at the end of his comment.

While I understand that he is very worried about losing his savings should he have an accident, unless he has a few hundred thousand dollars saved in the bank, most of the costs of his future accident would be passed on to the American people through increased health costs. This was the underlying argument of the entire bill!

I found it amusing that Landry appeared to believe that he was re-inventing the wheel when he was simply restating the same losing argument that has been put forward by many in this country.

Zach Padget


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