Hugh Giblin: Obama needs to act on Syria

August 28, 2013 

Obama needs to act

One wonders what it will take before our “cautious” president, whose rhetoric doesn’t seem to match his actions, will act on Syria. For two years and 100,000 deaths, half of whom were civilians, he has vacillated, talking of “national interests and complications” rather than acting decisively and effectively on the Syrian issue.

Now after drawing his “red” lines in the world’s sand, he still talks of the chemical murder of hundreds of civilians as being “troublesome.” Rather than have active and some compassionate courage early on, he has lost the early opportunity to bring Syria as an ally and a democracy and now is too timid to salvage what is left of that possibility.

This doesn’t require boots on the ground but air power and cooperation with allies to force Bashar al-Assad out. Is it in the “national interest” to let tens of thousands of people die and lose your humanity?

Hugh Giblin


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