Connie Domino: Get some fresh air, Pat

August 29, 2013 

Galling governor

If Gov. Pat McCrory’s job is so boring (“Powell slams N.C. voting law,” Aug. 24), perhaps he should get out in the communities with the people. He may find it interesting to discover what the people of N.C. are really experiencing.

Perhaps he can visit patients with a public health nurse and witness poverty so deep that he would think he is in a Third World country. Perhaps he can visit one of our hospital’s emergency rooms where patients who are mentally ill are being warehoused on gurneys for days because there is literally no place for them to go.

McCrory can spend a day with an elementary school teacher and be shocked by the complexity of the students today. He can assist the school secretary to administer tube feedings because there is only one school nurse serving thousands of students. The governor can help a middle-aged couple move from their foreclosed home they have worked hard for all these years because they have been laid off from both their jobs. Welcome to $7.25 an hour.

Yes, if McCrory is so bored, the people of North Carolina would very much like to show him their world.

Connie Domino


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