Ruth Ann Grimes: Obamacare a burden

August 29, 2013 

Obamacare a burden

I must take issue with your Aug. 27 editorial “Might Obamacare work?” You are so far to the left, you are going to fall off the side.

I recently contacted my health insurance company to see how the Affordable Care Act would affect me. Although the actual rates will not be available until mid-September, I was told my monthly premiums will “increase substantially” due in part to the many new taxes and fees associated with the ACA, my deductible will be higher and I do not qualify for subsidies or tax credits. So, how is this affordable for me?

The ACA will, in fact, be a huge financial burden for individuals and taxpayers. Nothing is free. The money to fund the ACA has to come from somewhere. There is no question the health care system in our country is broken, but the ACA is not the best or only way to fix it.

Congress needs to have the fortitude to make the necessary changes to this not-so-affordable-for-all bill.

Ruth Ann Grimes


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