Tom Imler: Work or look for better jobs

August 30, 2013 

Work for better jobs

It is amazing the level of economic ignorance that drove the recent strike by fast-food workers in Raleigh (“Triangle workers join national strike over pay,” Aug. 30). The workers demanded a wage of $15 per hour but gave no thought to the economic effect of their demands. They never ask where the franchisee is going to come up with the money to pay the new higher wages nor consider the effect on the prices the new wage will cost.

If the owner increases wages to $15, just what will a burger cost? Will people be willing to pay the new higher price? And why is $15 fair? If these workers are not satisfied with their current wages, why are they unable to look for a job that pays better? They surely were not forced to work in a fast-food place by impressments or forced to stay.

Rather than take responsibility for their situation and work to improve it, they insist their situation is not their fault. This speaks of bigger issues affecting our national character that we can’t or shouldn’t care for ourselves but insist the paternalistic government take care of us, and there should be no consequence to any life choice or action that we take.

Tom Imler


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