Jean-Christian Rostagni: Better wage, better results

August 30, 2013 

Better wage, better results

The Aug. 30 letter “Don’t raise minimum wage” has it all wrong. That the writer may not have made as much herself as $15 per hour with a master’s degree, if nothing else, reveals that workers, with degrees or not, get abused.

It needs to be understood that when we allow people who perform an actual work to be paid less than survival wage (current minimum wage equals a $14,000 income at best), then we are agreeing to subsidize that activity through our tax dollars, since that person will be rightfully eligible for all kind of aids. So, in essence, we agree to subsidize the Walmarts, Burger Kings of America. At that rate, their deals are not so good anymore.

Anybody who has watched “Food Inc.” knows anyway that fast food is unhealthy, and it would be a good thing if a Big Mac cost more. With a higher minimum wage, it will cost more, but we have to decide whether we want to make the 1 percent even richer or live in a civilized peaceful society.

As MLK envisioned: No justice, no peace. Increasing the minimum wage to a sustainable living wage is the best tool to achieve justice, and peace.

Jean-Christian Rostagni


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