Samuel Hershey: Shallow liberal arts majors

August 30, 2013 

Shallow liberal arts majors

One has to hand it to Gov. Pat McCrory. The guy will say anything to anyone without giving it a second thought. I don’t know if he doesn’t think before he speaks or if he’s so narcissistic he believes that condescension and lying justify anything.

Recently, McCrory told an audience in Asheville that his tax plan is getting negative press because “this is too complex for journalists. They don’t have economic degrees and haven’t been in business.” (“Rallies aim to preserve legacy” Aug. 29) Let me repeat the governor’s sentiment: Without an economic degree or related work experience, journalists aren’t capable of understanding an economic plan.

With that in mind, during the week preceding his remarks about journalists, the governor supported the hiring a 24-year-old to a senior Division of Health and Human Services position even though the person has no degree in any health-related field nor any related work experience.

I have to agree with the governor about those dummy journalists. They should’ve been in school studying economics so that when McCrory promised a tax overhaul that was revenue neutral, the journalists would’ve know that the governor was lying.

Samuel Hershey


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