Margaret Feldman: GOP needs to support school bond

August 31, 2013 

Bond needs support

With the way Republicans are making decisions, the Democratic Party does not need to worry about the next election.

First, the General Assembly threw teachers under the bus, then our governor said it is OK to pay two new staff members $85,000 salaries (I have 18 years’ experience, have many jobs outside my actual job description, have two master’s degrees and make $20,000 less), and now the Wake County Republican Party announces its opposition to a proposed $810 million school construction bond issue (Aug. 22 news story).

When was the last time these policymakers stepped foot inside a school? My room is always open for them to visit, but it might be a little crowded with the 38 eighth-graders in one room.

The bond issue will help support schools in the future. We need to think ahead because the good news is Wake County is growing. Our current schools are overcrowded, and many schools need a facelift.

I applaud the 16 individuals who did not side with the party and hope the Wake County Republican Party will not campaign against the bond issue. Voters of Wake County must support the referendum.

Margaret Feldman


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